Thurston County Sheriff Needs Your Help to Solve Jan 22 Burglary on Gravelly Beach Loop

On January 22, 2008 Thurston County Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to a residential burglary complaint at the 4800 block of Gravelly Beach Loop. The victim discovered that the rear glass door had been broken and this is believed to be where entry was gained. The incident occurred between 11:00 AM and 4:55 PM.

Neighbors observed a black mid 1990’s Ford Ranger with silver colored tool box leaving the area at a high rate of speed around 3:45 PM.

If you have any information that could help solve this crime please contact the Thurston County Sheriffs Office.

Contact Info: Any information should be called in to the Sheriff’s Office at 360-786-5500 or Crime Stoppers 493-2222.

Tips and Hints:

  • Report all suspicious persons/vehicles.
  • Make sure all doors and windows secured.
  • Leave blinds open.
  • If you have an alarm system, make sure that it is activated and operational.
  • Have an inventory of all valuables, record serial/model numbers

Most residential burglaries occur in late morning to early afternoon hours, while we are at work.

UPDATE: The Sheriff’s Office now has video and more details, following two more daytime burglaries in the same area. Click here to read the update.

Griffin School District Releases “Levy 101” Information on Upcoming Levy

An insert in the latest issue of the “GriffinLink,” sent to many postal customers within the school district, contains a description of and background information for the upcoming Maintenance & Operations Renewal Levy. This levy, which will be sent to voters in the upcoming Presidential Primary, on February 19, asks for approval to renew the levy approved by voters in February, 2006.

Among other details, the insert to GriffinLink provides a history of M & O Levies, dating back to 2001, and illustrations which show how rising home values don’t necessarily increase the amount of school taxes collected.

It appears the GriffinLink is not available online, but we have scanned a copy of the levy insert and it is available for download. Click this link.

Should you wish to read the entire 10-page issue of the GriffinLink, you may download that using this link.

Other documents are available, too, regarding the levy, on the Griffin School District’s web site. Go to and seek out the link for “Levy Information.”

Griffin School District to Ask for Replacement Levies; Community Forum Jan 31

Griffin School District will submit a ballot proposition to voters at the February 19, 2008 special election asking for approval of for maintenance and operation (M & O) replacement levies.

A forum on this proposal will be held at the school library at 7 PM on Thursday, January 31. The “Yes for the Griffin Kids” committee has asked me to explain school maintenance and operation replacement levies and respond to any questions people may have about property taxes at this forum.

If you are not yet registered to vote at your current address, you must register to vote by January 19, 2008 in order to vote in the February 19th. You can now register to vote online at If you’re not registered to vote, click this link today!

This Griffin School District proposal will consist of a ballot proposition that is submitted to school district voters at the February 19, 2008 special election authorizing Griffin School District to impose the following M & O replacement levies:

  • $1,671,300 for collection in 2009; and
  • $1,766,900 for collection in 2010.

These are replacement levies replacing voter approved levies for collection in 2007 and 2008. School district M & O levies are authorized if voters approve a ballot proposition providing for the levies by a simple majority vote (50% plus one vote).

School district M & O levies are restricted by several factors. First, state law limits the amount of these levies that any school district may impose. Second, these are excess property tax levies that are only imposed if voters approve a ballot proposition authorizing the levies.

School district M & O levies are approved in dollar amounts, not in tax rates. If assessed values rise in the school district, the tax rate of the school district levy will lowered. If for example, the total assessed value in the school district doubled, the tax rate that is used to levy these taxes would drop by about 50% to generate the authorized amount of taxes.

Click here to visit the web site of the Griffin School District. Once there, find and click the “Levy Information” link to read further details on these levies.

If you have any questions about school district excess levies, please feel free to contact me. I hope to see you at the forum.


Upcoming Precinct Caucus and Presidential Primary Information

Plato said, “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Well, folks, you pretty much cannot avoid it; this year’s an election year. And, with the Seahawks out of the playoffs and the writer’s strike in New York and Hollywood, the political season could be some of the best entertainment around. Here in Washington State, voters have good reason to be confused about their role in the presidential campaigns; after all, our voices are heard only after “Super Tuesday” and then there’s that bit about who’s picking their delegates when. You see, the Republican Party in Washington State is allocating part of their delegates from the results of the Presidential Primary, on February 19, and the rest from the results of the Precinct Caucuses. The Democratic Party, however, will allocate all their delegates beginning with the Precinct Caucuses on February 9.

This means, particularly if you are a Democrat, the Precinct Caucuses (and not the Presidential Primary) are where your voice will be heard, so far as the presidential candidates are concerned.

If, as expected by many analysts, the February 5 Super Primary narrows the fields to the top two or three candidates for each party, Washington’s Caucuses and Presidential Primary could be pivotal in selecting party nominees. We’ve already seen participation rates, in primaries and caucuses in the East, at higher-than-normal numbers. It’s not been since the early 1950’s that there’s not been a sitting President or Vice President on the ticket.

Community involvement includes exercising your right to vote.

To vote in the Presidential Primary you must be registered to vote at your present address by January 19, 2008.

If you are not yet registered to vote, you can now register to vote online at If you’re not registered to vote, click this link and get to it!

February 6: Precinct Caucuses

Attend your precinct caucus, particularly if you are a Democrat.

If you are a Democrat, and are not able to attend your Precinct Caucus, you may designate a surrogate, to speak for you. For more information on this and other details for the Democratic Party Precinct Caucuses, click this link.

For Republican Party Precinct Caucus locations, click this link.

‘Not certain which precinct is yours? Click this link to look up your precinct location.

February 19: Presidential Primary

There’s a ballot drop-off location conveniently placed in front of the Griffin Fire Department Main Station at 3707 Steamboat Loop NW. For other locations, click this link.

Then, mark your calendars and participate in your American Democracy.

Washington State Republican Convention
Begins May 29, 2008

Washington State Democratic Convention
Begins June 14, 2008

Democratic National Convention
August 25 – 28, 2008
Denver, Colorado

Republican National Convention
September 1 – 4, 2008
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

General Election
Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For more information:

Thurston County Elections

Thurston County Democratic Party

Thurston County Republican Party

Furniture Drive to Aid Flood Victims – Sat, Jan 12

As you know, December’s flooding, particularly in South Thurston, Lewis and Grays Harbor counties, was catastrophic. The outpouring of assistance, both from volunteers and in donations, has been extraordinarily heartwarming.

Interfaith Works, an effort coordinating the activities of several local faith communities, held a Furniture Drive, last month, that filled a 57 foot trailer and about three small trucks with over 150 pieces of furniture. They are looking to repeat this success again and sent to us the following message:


More furniture is needed. Please help.

Saturday, January 12, 2008
9:30 am to 1:00 pm

Please bring furniture to the parking lot of:
Olympia Christian Reformed Church
2121 Log Cabin Rd SE

Furniture will be collected at the Harbor Wholesale Grocery trailer.

Donated furniture must be GENTLY USED – clean, no stains, no rips, no peeling paint and no odors. We are accepting beds, dressers, sofas, chairs, dining tables and dining chairs.

If you have any questions please call Donna Kelly at The Furniture Bank of Thurston County – 705-1756.

Please spread the word among members of your community. Thank you!

Interfaith Works