Local author Steve Lundin to present from his book, “The Friendly People,” a history of the Steamboat Peninsula and Griffin area, on November 15th

Cover of the book, "The Friendly People" by Steve LundinOver the years, we’ve been lucky to be able to publish numerous articles written by Steve Lundin. Ten or more years ago, Lundin wrote the book Griffin Area Schools, a history of the many schools that existed on our peninsula. Lundin donated much of the proceeds for the sale of that book to the Griffin Neighborhood Association. After 44 years on the Peninsula, Lundin and his wife Linda Bondurant moved away from our neighborhood, but with his latest book, The Friendly People, we can see he has not actually left this part of the world. Not really. In The Friendly People, Lundin writes a history “of the Griffin/Steamboat area, from early native peoples to modern times.”

On Wednesday, November 15, Steve Lundin will present from his book. This event will be held at the Griffin Fire Department Headquarters beginning at 6 PM. Copies of his book will be available for purchase at that time.

The Sawamish/T’Peeksin lived on Totten Inlet. The Squi’Aitl lived on Eld Inlet, which Peter Puget called “the Friendly Inlet.” This region saw the Hudson’s Bay Company and Puget Sound Agricultural Company. The book describes the Lushootseed Peoples, their culture, and traditions. In the book, you will also read about John Slocum and the Indian Shaker Movement. Recently, the Squaxin Island Tribe has flourished with a cultural Renaissance and economic rejuvenation.

Photo of Steve Lundin

Author Steve Lundin

The Griffin/Steamboat community has grown from a rural area to a vibrant suburban community. Read about the Mud Bay Logging Company, country inns, a local moonshine still, Effie LeRoy’s infamous establishment, and local dance halls. Griffin School has grown into one of the premier schools in the county. Prosperity Grange remains an important institution.

William McLane, William Puffer, Benjamin Franklin Cross, Kettle Labatum, Mud Bay Louie Yowaluck, James Tobin, Konrad Schneider, and Swan Solbeck are just a few of the individuals who contributed to the history of this area and whose stories are recounted here.

Copies of this book can be purchased from Browsers Bookshop, Orca Books, and at the Panorama Gift Shop, for $20. Proceeds from the sale of this book will be given to the Olympia Tumwater Foundation.