Add This to Your Property Assessment Toolkit: Free AHA Guide

Although it’s too late to file an appeal against this year’s assessment (property owners have only 30 days from the date the Value Change Notice was mailed or by July 1 of the Assessment Year, whichever is later), homeowners might want to download a copy of this 86-page guide from the American Homeowner’s Association. Although its copyright is five years old, “The Homeowner’s Property Tax Reduction Kit” does a decent job of reviewing common sources of assessment errors and provides tips on building a case for you to take to the County’s Board of Equalization.

Click here for the County’s Assessor’s web site and click here for their page entitled “Appealing Your Assessed Value”

Have you mounted a successful appeal on the assessment of your property? If so, what resources did you find useful, in building your case? Click on the “Comments” link below, and leave your comments for the rest of us.

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