Be A Bird in the Procession of the Species Parade

You could join a flock of shorebirds sponsored by the Black Hills Audubon Society. Here’s how:

Have fun at the Downtown Olympia Community Arts Studio making a simple, large, sturdy, light shorebird on a pole. Paint one side white, the other black. Decorate.

In the Parade, the flock turns as one to the high school drummer’s beat: Black, then white – just like shorebirds do.

A two-hour workshop: Cutouts, poles,paint and decorating material provided. $5 donation.

The workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, April 6 at 6:30 pm at Downtown Olympia Community Arts Studio.

Expect a fun, informal talk about shorebirds at the beginning of this workshop.

Then, on Wednesday, April 13, we practice our “flocking”. If you miss the April 6 workshop, you can make your bird shapes this day instead.

Contact:  Chris Maynard at 878-0755 or the Community Arts Studio at 705-1087.

Or, if being part of part of the parade isn’t for you, come and observe our flock and the fantastic array of yet-to-be-imagined Nature in the 17th annual Procession of the Species Parade on Saturday, April 23 at 4:30 pm in downtown Olympia.

Don’t forget the beautiful Luminaria Procession on Friday, April 22.

For details – colorful ones at that – about these and other Procession-related events, check out the Procession website at

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