Best Buy Now Offers (mostly free) Electronics Recycling

You may have read, recently, that a statewide local electronics recycling program has been inundated with material and is asking that people delay sending in their electronic recyclables, at least for awhile. But, now we receive news that Best Buy has expanded its electronics recycling program to every U.S. store, providing an easy, mostly-free alternative to dumpster-chucking for anyone without a dedicated e-cycler nearby.

The caveats: Best Buy isn’t accepting hard drives (because of privacy concerns, you should consider always pulling the hard drive and demolishing it, from every computer you recycle), TVs or monitors bigger than 32 inches, anything containing Freon, or anything classified as an “appliance,” like a refrigerator, microwave, or the like. And each TV, monitor, and laptop costs a $10 fee to recycle, but Best Buy gives you a $10 gift card in return. They’re also only taking two items per household, per day, so don’t plan on making a last-day-before-moving trip to the big blue and gold.

Locally, there are other options for either recycling or committing your still-operating electronic device for reuse. If your equipment still works, you can offer it free, using a couple of online services:

Olympia Reusables
2 Good 2 Toss

Please remember that electronic waste is often hazardous waste.

Interesting Eco-Tip of the Day:
Along the lines of “How To Make Printer Ink & Toner Last Longer,” we have “Ecofont.” Use 20% less ink, just by changing to this free typeface.

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