“Calling All Local Businesses” and “New Neighbor Welcome Baskets”

Calling All Local Businesses!

There have been many requests from local businesses to be in the Peninsula People Business Directory. We produced our first edition of the Directory this last summer.

Click here to download your own copy of our summer Directory.

We are now working on a revised edition of the Directory. We would like to add even more local businesses.

If you own a local business and would like to be included in the next edition, please contact us by email.

Do you know of a local business who is not already in the Directory? Please have them contact us at directory@GriffinNeighbors.org.

New Neighbor Welcome Baskets

We need more Brochures, Business cards, Flyers, discount certificates and more doggie treats/toys from the business that are in the Directory now. We have run low on the supplies being used to assemble new Welcome Baskets.

If you have materials for the Welcome Baskets, please bring a supply to the offices of Fred Finn. GNA Board Member Fred Finn has generously offered space to collect materials to be assembled into Welcome Baskets. The entrance is through Kristial’s Florists, located near the
Subway on Sexton and US-101.

We could also use help collecting a supply of other brochures and literature from State and County agencies in regard to Air and Water quality, Shoreline protection, Fish and Wild life, Noxious weeds and on and on. Those are part of the Welcome Baskets, too.

Anyone can gather these educational items and bring them to our supply area in the back of Fred Finn’s office at Island Square. Please package your materials neatly in boxes, labeled envelops or banded together to keep the card table neat.

If you drop of a supply of items for the Welcome Baskets, please be sure your materials are in boxes, labeled envelopes, or rubber banded together.

Do You have New Neighbors?

Those folks who have or know of new families in the area can go to Fred’s office and create their own Welcoming Basket to take to their new neighbor. Or, they can leave a message at 252-6047 or email us and we’ll help.

A Welcome Basket is a good way to meet and greet your neighbor.

Many thanks to those folks who have helped in this community activity by gathering these materials to share with our new neighbors.

Only you can make a difference!

Thank you for your interest and your contributions.

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