World Affairs Lecture – Building Schools in Afghanistan

A free lecture on building schools in Afghanistan is set for 7:30pm at the Olympia Center on Thursday, November 19th.

Julia Bolz, award winning social justice activist and president of Ayni Education International, will describe her work in one of the most dangerous areas in the world. After leaving a successful law practice in Seattle, Julia has spent the past ten years helping to educate children, especially girls, by building and renovating schools in Afghanistan. She and her team have defied all odds by building and supplying 17 large, new schools and repairing 16 others, serving 25,000 Afghan students. They have also provided wells; distributed text-books, school supplies and athletic equipment; provided teacher trainings; and set up libraries, computer centers, and PTAs.

Through photos and stories Julia will bring Afghan culture to life and help us to understand how education is a building block to eliminating poverty, oppression and extremism in the developing world and how each of us can personally make a difference.
For more information about Julia and her work see: A group in Olympia has adopted one of the schools. If you would like to support her work and join others in this area as part of “Friends of Zadian School,” please contact Sharon Moore,, 360-866-9010, for information.

The event is sponsored by the Olympia World Affairs Council.