Town Hall with Thurston County Sheriff, November 30

The Griffin Neighborhood Association has invited the Thurston County Sheriff to give us a safety report on Thurston County as a whole and to answer any question our neighbors may have regarding safety/crime reports in the area. Please make time to attend if you have questions or would like to be more informed about the status of our neighborhood. With all that we see on Nextdoor, we believe it is time we hear from Sheriff’s office about what is or is not being reported, as well as anything we should be doing to be safer during the upcoming holidays.

Thursday, November 30
6:30 PM to 8 PM
Griffin School
6530 33rd Ave NW

The meeting will be in the Griffin School gym.

Please support the Griffin Neighborhood Association. Join us today. For more information and to join online, see our page at

Sheriff’s Department Asks for Help to Find This Man

mail_thief_suspect1 - Edited

Do you know this man?

Local residents have suffered through a wave of mail thefts for the last several months. One recommendation from law enforcement and the postal service has been to send outgoing mail from the postal station at the Island Market. There is a mail drop inside the market. There is also a mailbox outside the market, to the left of the front door.

mail_thief_suspect2 - Edited

If you know this man’s whereabouts, call Detective George Oplinger at (360) 786-5746

The night of March 26th someone broke into the mailbox outside the Island Market. Now photographs of the suspect, taken from a security camera outside the Island Market, have been released by the Thurston County Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s Department wants to find and speak to this man. Do you know the man in these photographs?

If you know the man in these photographs please call Detective George Oplinger at the Thurston County Sheriff’s Department at (360) 786-5746. If you see this person at a location and you are not sure if he will be around long then call 911 to report the location. You will have to tell whomever answers that this is the suspect from the Island Market mail box theft. A deputy will be dispatched and they will also contact Detective Oplinger.

Another option is if you don’t want to get involved or be identified you can remain anonymous and call the Olympia/Thurston County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) and even receive a reward.

mail_thief_suspect3 - Edited

Click these photos for a larger image.

Update: The Thurston County Sheriff’s Department is reporting the suspect has now been identified. The US Postal Inspector is handling the case and will be forwarding criminal charges against him.

Thanks for helping us to find this man.mail_thief_suspect4 - Edited


Sheriff Department Releases a Community Alert – Burglaries near Delphi and Summit Lake

Date:  August 23, 2013

Neighborhood/ Area:   ‘A’ district –(West Side of Thurston County)

Nature of alert: BURGLARIES

Details: The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents to be on alert because of a high incident of burglaries in the west areas of Thurston County. Please take precautions when leaving your home unattended. As you may see in the below listed cases, the burglars have found unlocked access into homes. Please leave all doors and windows secured and work together in a neighborhood to watch for suspicious activity. If such activity is noticed, please call either 911 if it is an emergent situation, or call our non emergency dispatch number at (360) 740-2740. Let’s all work together and be safe!!!

Listed below are 4 A District burglaries that have occurred between August 14th and August 22nd.  The entry method, items taken and time of crime are all similar.  There is a possibility that a suspect / suspects are targeting this area, warranting additional attention.  Burglaries include:

On 08/22/2013 between 0800 and 1700, a residence in the 8900 block of Delphi Road SWwas burglarized. Entry was gained through an unlocked window with an AC unit in it. Items taken were a pillow case, assorted jewelry, and electronics.  TCSO case #13-456

On 08/21/2013 between 0730 and 1700, a residence in the 4400 block of Delphi Road SW was burglarized.  Entry was gained through an unlocked sliding glass door. Assorted jewelry was taken.. TCSO Case # 13-4550

On 08/14/2013 between 1000 and 1130, a residence in the 3700 block of Delphi Road SW was burglarized.  Entry was gained through an unlocked front door.  An elderly disabled male on oxygen was inside the residence at the time of the burglary.  Items taken included;  jewelry, cash, and a man’s wallet.   TCSO Case # 13-4414

On 08/22/2913 between 0500 and 1730, a residence in the 12300 block of Summit Lake Road NW was burglarized.  Entry was gained through an unlocked window with an AC unit in it. Items taken included jewelry, which was placed in a pillow case. TCSO Case # 13-4572

To receive future Community Alerts and/ or to subscribe to the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office Quarterly Newsletter, log on to: or

UPDATE: August 28

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Department  has today released photos and additional information in an effort to identify suspects in some of these burglaries. Click here to download the document from the Sheriff’s Department web site.

Community Alert Regarding Vehicle Prowls and Auto Thefts

Date:    November 26, 2012

Neighborhood/ Area:   Thurston County  

Nature of alert: Vehicle Prowls and Auto Thefts Increase

Details:  The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office is advising citizens of an increase in Vehicle Prowls and Auto Thefts in the greater Thurston County area. While this is a problem county wide, the largest increase has been to the West and Southwest areas.

Please take precautions to assist us in preventing these crimes. Some of these include removing items of value from your vehicle whenever possible. Please do not leave firearms unattended in a vehicle for any reason. Any access devices such as credit cards, checks, or other financial information can also be used by criminals to steal your money and /or identity.

Keep your vehicle locked and in a well lit or public location whenever possible. Never keep the title to the vehicle in it and a car alarm is also a good idea.

If you do experience a theft of items in the vehicle, or the vehicle itself, make sure to promptly report it to Law Enforcement.

If the crime is clear, call the non-emergency number for crime reporting: (360) 704-2740 (TCOMM-LE Dispatch).

For any crime in progress, call 911.   

Thank you for your continued support of Law Enforcement in Thurston County.

Click here for the Thurston County Sheriff’s Department web site.


Community Alert Regarding Residential Burglaries

Date:  September 11, 2012, 2012
Neighborhood/ Area: Northwest   
Nature of alert: Residential Burglaries

Details: The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office wants to make residents aware of arrests made on area burglars.


On September 4th, 2012, a Thurston County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant took a burglary report in the 1400 block of Summit Lake Shore Road where a cargo trailer, 3 quads and numerous other items had been stolen.  It was determined that this burglary had occurred at about 3:30 am.

At about 8:47pm, a resident in a neighborhood in the Black Lake area (Evergreen Shores) called dispatch to report a suspicious trailer on the neighbor’s property.  A Deputy responded and remembering the information passed on to him about this burglary, identified the trailer as being stolen even though the license plate and decals had already been removed.  A female on scene was detained and two other subjects identified.

Other units responded, a search warrant was obtained and the trailer as well as a large flat panel television, tools, DVD player, and other numerous items from the burglary were recovered. Upon further investigation additional stolen quads were recovered in the wooded area near the suspect’s residence. A generator that was taken from another burglary / theft from Summit Lake was recovered.  In addition, a quad stolen out of Lewis County was located and then another stolen quad from another Thurston County theft was located.

Photographs of vehicles in and out of the suspects property that had been taken by neighbors was obtained for follow up investigation. 

The female taken into custody was booked for Possession of Stolen Property 1st  and is the girlfriend of a male suspect. 

Later that same day, at approximately 4:00 PM, another Summit Lake Rd resident reported that a person forced open the front door of her residence. The suspect fled upon realizing the home was occupied.  The investigation into this crime continues.

The Sheriff’s Office wants the residents of this area to aware of these crimes in order to be vigilant and cautious when at home. Please do not allow strangers into your residence and make sure you keep all of your doors and windows secure.

Click here for the Thurston County Sheriff’s Department web site.

Sheriff’s Department Seeking Citizen Volunteers

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office is seeking citizens to volunteer in our community. The Department’s program includes volunteer opportunities in areas such as vacation house checks, community presentations, special events, and clerical support.

For anyone who is interested in helping your community and the Sheriff’s Office, this is a great opportunity.

Click here to read more details about volunteer opportunities with the Sheriff’s Department [PDF document]. If you are interested in volunteering, click here to download an application [PDF].

Please have your completed applications back to the Sheriff’s Office no later than 5:00 PM,  May 20th, 2012.

If you have any questions, please contact Lieutenant John Price, of the Support Services Bureau, at  (360) 786-5657.

Thank you all for your support of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff John Snaza Town Hall Meeting March 21st

Join Sheriff John Snaza for a “Town Hall” meeting on Wednesday, March 21 at 7:00 PM at the Griffin Fire Department Headquarters (3707 Steamboat Loop NW).

The intent of the meeting is to give an overview of what your Sheriff’s Office is doing for you. Sheriff Snaza and several of his command staff will be present to answer questions. The Sheriff’s Department will also have several pieces of their equipment available to view inside the fire department.

Please note: A prior announcement was made here with an incorrect date for this event. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, March 21st and not Friday, March 2 or Thursday, March 22nd. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Sheriff’s Department Releases Community Alert

Local residents recently noted an increase in the numbers of daylight burglaries being reported in our area. A burglary on Oyster Bay Road precipitated a brief email exchange, during which one neighbor wrote that someone had seen “a bearded man walking the road about that time of day of the burglary. Perhaps this perp is walking or bicycling into these breakins and that is why none of us see or hear anything suspicious.” Indeed, a quick review of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Department crime mapping system seems to indicate that was an increase, in September, in the number of reported burglaries in our area.

Now we have received the Community Alert below. Although the alert is specific to the Delphi area, and not ours, it is possible the same thieves are in our area. In any case, it does seem as though there’s been an increase in burglaries – particularly burglaries during the day time – and it makes sense for forlks who are at home weekdays to keep an eye on the homes of those neighbors who are not.


Date: October 13, 2011 

Neighborhood/Area: Delphi area 

Nature of alert: Increase in burglary activity 

Details: Since mid September 2011, there were five burglaries between the 7400 block and 10,500 of Delphi Road SW. Additionally, crime mapping appeared to be showing an increasing trend in burglaries and thefts in the NW portion of the county. 

Two vehicles in the area of these burglaries were noted in one or more of the reports. They included a 1990’s greenish / bluish 2 door and a white Ford Ranger or F-150 type pick up– possibly with a rack and or canopy. Additionally, a resident on Delphi Road reported seeing a white 1996 GMC PU in the area during the dates / times of the burglaries. This truck also had tool type racks on it. 

While none of these vehicles can be tied directly to the increased activity in the area, residents should be aware of them if they see them in areas where they don’t belong. Residents are encouraged to contact the dispatch center at (360) 704-2740 to report suspicious persons / vehicles. Anyone with information related to the burglaries are asked to contact the TCSO Investigative Services Division at (360) 786-5530.

Burglaries Reported in September and
October (to-date)

Thurston County Sheriff Warns of Phone Scam

The Thurston County Sheriff’s office is warning area residents about receiving automated bank calls on cell phones.

Bank cardholders are being contacted by cell phone using various spoofed numbers, and are pre recorded messages stating that they are calling from your bank.

As of now, they have used Evergreen Direct Credit Union and Our Community Credit Union. The message states that “their debit card has been deactivated due to a billing error”. It then prompts the cardholders to enter their 16 digit debit card number and pin. After this information is entered it tells the cardholder that their account is now “activated”.

As a result, the cardholder’s account is accessed through ATM activity based in Spain. Banks do not call you on your cell phone numbers or your home number and ask for your account information. Even if you see a local phone number on the caller Id, it could be from any where in the world. Local numbers can be spoofed and some local numbers are being sold by phone companies to other persons around the world. There are web sites that also allow callers to show any number on a caller Id that they want.

For more information on scam prevention, visit the US Federal Trade Commission website.

Thurston County Sheriff’s Office Quarterly News

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office recently released a quarterly newsletter, dated March 2010. It’s not yet on their web site, but we have a copy for you here.

Here are some highlights:

Sheriff Kimbal writes, “Recently, on a national television news broadcast, it was mentioned that approximately 63% of law enforcement agencies across the country are shrinking in size due to the budgetary reductions. . . It is because of this unfortunate fact that I wanted to take a moment and ask each of us to stay focused on what we can control, and that is in the area of prevention.”

Recognition of Deputy Dave Claridge, a “Champion for Kids”

A report on the Thurston County Sheriff ’s Office Gang Enforcement Project.

A description of the Sheriff’s graffiti abatement program, “ERASE IT! Record. Report. Remove.”

Graffiti can hurt your neighborhood in many ways. According to the National Association of Realtors, graffiti can cause a loss of 15% in a homes value. When graffiti is present and not removed, it invites more serious crimes to the area because it appears to be tolerated.

First Quarter Awards Ceremony 2010.

The story of Zachary Guill, the son of Thurston County Corrections Deputy Skip Guill. Zachary was wounded in Iraq and has now become a participant in the Federal government’s “Wounded Warrior Program”

This is a program put together by the House of Representatives that allows wounded soldiers with 30% or more disability to work for congress helping veterans and handling military issues. This program allows veterans of the 8th Congressional District to relate with the person helping them and feel more at ease.

Click here to download your copy of the Quarterly News.

The newsletter is distributed by Community Outreach Deputy J. Snaza. Deputy Snaza can be reached at 360-786-5855 and

See the Thurston County Sheriff’s Department web site at