Community Alert Regarding Residential Burglaries

Date:  September 11, 2012, 2012
Neighborhood/ Area: Northwest   
Nature of alert: Residential Burglaries

Details: The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office wants to make residents aware of arrests made on area burglars.


On September 4th, 2012, a Thurston County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant took a burglary report in the 1400 block of Summit Lake Shore Road where a cargo trailer, 3 quads and numerous other items had been stolen.  It was determined that this burglary had occurred at about 3:30 am.

At about 8:47pm, a resident in a neighborhood in the Black Lake area (Evergreen Shores) called dispatch to report a suspicious trailer on the neighbor’s property.  A Deputy responded and remembering the information passed on to him about this burglary, identified the trailer as being stolen even though the license plate and decals had already been removed.  A female on scene was detained and two other subjects identified.

Other units responded, a search warrant was obtained and the trailer as well as a large flat panel television, tools, DVD player, and other numerous items from the burglary were recovered. Upon further investigation additional stolen quads were recovered in the wooded area near the suspect’s residence. A generator that was taken from another burglary / theft from Summit Lake was recovered.  In addition, a quad stolen out of Lewis County was located and then another stolen quad from another Thurston County theft was located.

Photographs of vehicles in and out of the suspects property that had been taken by neighbors was obtained for follow up investigation. 

The female taken into custody was booked for Possession of Stolen Property 1st  and is the girlfriend of a male suspect. 

Later that same day, at approximately 4:00 PM, another Summit Lake Rd resident reported that a person forced open the front door of her residence. The suspect fled upon realizing the home was occupied.  The investigation into this crime continues.

The Sheriff’s Office wants the residents of this area to aware of these crimes in order to be vigilant and cautious when at home. Please do not allow strangers into your residence and make sure you keep all of your doors and windows secure.

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