Congratulations, Griffin School District, for Meeting Federal Benchmarks

Four paragraphs in to an article in The Olympian entitled “7 school districts fail U.S. standard” we read, “In Thurston County, only the Griffin School District, a small K-8 district with one school, was listed as having made Adequate Yearly Progress, which means it met all the federal benchmarks.”

We say, “Congratulations!” to Dr. Donald L. Brannam, the teaching staff, administrators, and School Board of the Griffin School District. And, lest we not forget, all the students and their parents.

We’re proud of our school district; it’s one of the reasons many of us moved to this area.

Don’t forget, there’s an opportunity to directly support the Griffin School District by attending the Griffin Foundation Benefit Auction Saturday, September 13. Tickets are available at the Island Market. Click here for more information.

Click here to read the Griffin School District’s page, on the “Washington State Report Card.”

Click here to visit the Griffin School District’s web site.

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