Consider Renewing or Starting Your Support of the Steamboat Conservation Partnership

Exciting news! With the support of homeowners in the Griffin area, the Steamboat Conservation Partnership has helped Capitol Land Trust conserve another 1.25 miles of coastal habitat on Eld Inlet and secure nearly $2 million in new conservation funding.

This is the start of the Steamboat Conservation Partnership’s second year. The Partnership is an agreement between the Griffin Neighborhood Association and Capitol Land Trust to help conserve special natural areas right here in the Steamboat Peninsula region, defined as the watersheds of Eld and Totten Inlets.

If you contributed to the Partnership, during its first year, thank you. Please continue your commitment by:

  • Renewing your contribution to the Partnership;
  • Spreading the word about the Steamboat Conservation Partnership to friends and neighbors who will join the effort and contribute; and,
  • Contacting Capitol Land Trust if you are interested in finding out about conserving your property.

If you have not yet made a contribution, you are invited to take this opportunity to learn more about what John Dodge, writing in the July 12, 2009 issue of “The Olympian” called, “a terrific partnership that should serve as a model to other neighborhood groups interested in the preservation of sensitive lands.” Click here to read more about the Steamboat Conservation Partnership.

Under the Partnership agreement, the Griffin Neighborhood Association solicits at least $15,000 of contributions to Capitol Land Trust each year for five years. Contributions are placed into a trust account and may only be expended on a portion of Capitol Land Trust’s operating costs within this region. Operating costs include staff time developing relationships with landowners, acquiring land and conservation easements, securing grant funding, and monitoring acquired lands. Capitol Land Trust meets and confers with the Griffin Neighborhood Association about its strategies and the focus of its activities in the region.

More than $18,000 was raised during the Steamboat Conservation Partnership’s first year.
This map shows natural areas Capitol Land Trust has acquired or preserved over the years in this region, including six miles of shoreline and more than 600 acres of surrounding uplands within the Eld Inlet watershed and nearly 600 acres within the Totten Inlet watershed. Capitol Land Trust recently completed a major acquisition on lower Eld Inlet south of Highway 101 and shortly expects to acquire Adams Cove on Totten Inlet.
Capitol Land Trust is recognized for its efficiency and unique ability to bring a diverse array of stakeholders together to accomplish its goals. For every $200 in private contributions Capitol Land Trust receives, it is able to conserve one acre of land.
This is a win/win relationship. Capitol Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) organization and contributions are tax deductible. Residents benefit from conserving special natural areas, enhancing our quality of life and retaining the beauty of this region. Support of the Steamboat Conservation Partnership is truly leaving an environmental legacy that will last for generations.
We hope you will consider supporting the Partnership. Contributors committed to donating $300 or more per year for five years are recognized at the premium, Bald Eagle level. Contributors committed to donating $150 to $299 per year for five years are recognized at the Blue Heron level. Contributions of any amount are welcome. Checks should be made payable to “Capitol Land Trust.” Insert “SCP” in the lower left hand corner (memo line). Contributions may be mailed to the Steamboat Conservation Partnership, c/o Capital Land Trust, 209 Fourth Ave. E., Suite 205, Olympia, WA 98501.
For more information, visit the web site of the Capitol Land Trust at or the Griffin Neighborhood Association at If you have questions or suggestions, please contact Peter Reid at (360) 867-0919 or Jack Sisco at (360) 866-0240.
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