County Commissioner Candidates Face-Off (Sort Of)

From TCTV, we have two televised forums featuring candidates for Thurston County Commissioner, District 3. We’ve profiled these candidates before on this blog and now we have a chance to see them in something approaching a debate forum. The incumbent is Democrat Karen Valenzuela, who was appointed to the position by Governor Gregoire after Bob Macleod resigned at the end of last year. Valenzuela is challenged by another Democrat, Dan Venable, and a Republican, Pat Beehler.

Ballots for the primary will be mailed within the next couple of weeks, so the first round in this election is just around the corner.

Unfortunately, scheduling all three candidates appears to have presented too great a challenge, for either of these TCTV programs. The League of Women Voters were able to get only the two Democrats – Karen Valenzuela and Dan Venable – together. Olympia Master Builders was only able to get their two members – Republican Pat Beehler and Democrat Dan Venable – to attend that forum.

Watch these here or click on the links below the program, to view them (much larger) on

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