County Releases a “Growth Management Act Compliance Update”

The GNA received a “GMA Compliance Update,” from the County:

On June 18, 2007 the Board of County Commissioners adopted new higher density residential zoning districts now referred to as limited areas of more intensive rural development or “LAMIRD” zoning districts. A map displaying which areas are rezoned and which areas are designated as residential LAMIRDs is attached to this email and available at the County Permit Center and on-line at:

Changes to the geodata layers and official county zoning map will not be ready until late next week. An email will be sent when those changes are complete. In the meantime, you can zoom in on the PDF to view parcel specific zoning changes.

Please note: Adoption of these land use changes, does not remove properties from the subdivision moratorium. That will occur at a later date when compliance is approved.

The county analyzed all areas zoned RR 1/1, RR ½, RR 2/1, SR 4/1, and MDR 1-6/1 (21,939 acres in 55 study areas) to determine which areas met the LAMIRD criteria found in the Growth Management Act (GMA). The analysis was in response to the July 20, 2005 Western Washington Growth Management Hearings Board ruling that Thurston County’s higher density residential zoning districts fail to comply with the GMA.

The final changes adopted by the Board designate 12,876 acres as higher density residential zoning districts. The higher density districts have been renamed: Residential LAMIRD 1/1, Residential LAMIRD ½, and Residential LAMIRD 2/1. The zoning districts of SR 4/1 and MDR 1-6/1 have been repealed. The 9,063 acres of higher density zoning districts that did not qualify for LAMIRD designation has been rezoned rural residential 1 unit per 5 acres.

Thank you,

Katie Knight, Associate Planner
Thurston County Long Range Planning
2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW
Olympia, WA. 98502-6045
t: (360) 709-3005
f: (360) 754-2939

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