Do You Recognize This Truck, Illegally Dumping Off Gravelly Beach Road?

Do you recognize the truck in this photograph? This truck was seen traveling into the Steamboat Springs development, off of Gravelly Beach Road, late the afternoon of Saturday, September 27. This photo was taken at 4:16 PM.

The driver of this truck is engaged in the illegal dumping of garbage.

This appears to be a white, 4-door Ford truck and may be a diesel. There is a wide silver plate along the bottom of the truck that doesn’t show up very well in the photo. Take a good look at the wheels, too, as they’re fairly distinctive.

Among the garbage dumped by this person was a note. On the note were the names “Mike” and “Jon”.

If you have any idea as to who this is, please contact John and Gail Kaufman at or (360) 866-2484.

UPDATED (Oct 13): Below is a photo of some of the material dumped by the driver of this truck. It’s been speculated this was the result of cleaning up a rental property or an apartment.

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