“Flu Happens” Timely Topic at Next Science Cafe – October 13

What is an influenza virus and how does it spread? How can it be contained or treated? Are vaccines effective in prevention? What is a pandemic and what can people expect at the height of an outbreak? What do we know about the H1N1 virus?

Dr. Diana Yu will speak about this and more, including examples of past and present pandemics, why pandemics target different groups, and why being older may be better in the 2009 influenza pandemic. Dr. Yu, M.D. is the Health Officer for Thurston and Mason County.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009, at 7:00 pm
Barnes & Noble Booksellers (in the cookbook alcove)
1530 Black Lake Blvd. SW, Olympia, WA

The Science Café of Olympia, based on the Cafés Scientifique which began in the UK, provides an informal atmosphere where people both with and without a scientific background can meet and gain a better understanding of interesting topics on science and technology After a brief presentation by an expert in the field, the meeting will be opened to discussions among everyone in attendance.

Presentations will focus on issues that impact our lives locally, nationally and internationally.

The next Science Café is Tuesday, November 10, 7:00pm. Join the Science Café for their version of You Are There. Madame Curie and the discovery of radio-active elements.

Click here for more information regarding the local chapter of the Science Café.

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