Griffin Fire Department’s New Web Site is a Winner

I confess it’s been awhile since I sought it out, but have you seen the Griffin Fire Department’s new web site? Web designer and fire department Lieutenant Max Hollander has put together an attractive and highly functional tool for the local community. If you’ve not yet seen it, click here and spend some time perusing what’s there and get an idea of what’s to come.

I especially want to point out the set of pages under the “Public Information” top-level menu. There residents will find out information about the seasonal burn ban and alternatives to burning, an offer to provide to homeowners very important address signs, and information about the Department’s ongoing series of CPR and First Aid courses.

The site contains a wealth of information about the work of the Department, its history and equipment, and how to volunteer.

There’s even a set of photos taken during recent calls.

Take some time to browse the site and bookmark its location.

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