Griffin School District Releases “Levy 101” Information on Upcoming Levy

An insert in the latest issue of the “GriffinLink,” sent to many postal customers within the school district, contains a description of and background information for the upcoming Maintenance & Operations Renewal Levy. This levy, which will be sent to voters in the upcoming Presidential Primary, on February 19, asks for approval to renew the levy approved by voters in February, 2006.

Among other details, the insert to GriffinLink provides a history of M & O Levies, dating back to 2001, and illustrations which show how rising home values don’t necessarily increase the amount of school taxes collected.

It appears the GriffinLink is not available online, but we have scanned a copy of the levy insert and it is available for download. Click this link.

Should you wish to read the entire 10-page issue of the GriffinLink, you may download that using this link.

Other documents are available, too, regarding the levy, on the Griffin School District’s web site. Go to and seek out the link for “Levy Information.”

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