GriffinNeighbors Discussion Group is Online Community, Your Way

Maybe you weren’t aware, but the Griffin Neighborhood Association offers an online discussion group, called “GriffinNeighbors,” which is available to all area residents. You don’t have to be a member of the GNA to participate. The GriffinNeighbors discussion group is a way for local residents to discuss issues of importance to one another, send out announcements of upcoming events of interest to the local community, and make plans. Using the power of a free service, called Yahoo! Groups, local residents can get the word out fast and easy.

With the GriffinNeighbors discussion group, local residents subscribe – they choose to become members of the free group, or they don’t. There’s no spamming, since the group isn’t open to the entire world. To become a member, send an email to and tell us you want to join and roughly where you live. We’ll send you an invitation and, if you respond, you’re in.

Then, whenever you want to send a message out to everyone in the group, just send an email to Your message is copied out and sent to everyone in the group.

Messages come to you with a subject line that begins with “[Griffin Neighbors]” so it’s easy to see what’s coming from the group and, if you want, to send those messages to different email folders.

If you receive a message from the group, and want to reply, just click “Reply” and your reply is sent back to everyone in the group. Careful, though! If you want to reply only to the person who sent the message to the group, click “Forward” and forward your message to only the person who sent it.

“But,” you say, “I don’t want to be peppered with email messages, day and night!” The GriffinNeighbors discussion group allows you to participate in a way that works for you. Sure, you can choose to receive every message, in your email inbox, as soon as it comes across the discussion group. But, you can choose to receive a “daily diary.” That’s a single email that contains copies of all messages sent across the discussion group that day.

A third option is to choose to receive only “Special Notices”. These are very rarely sent, so your inbox won’t get much mail, at all, from the GriffinNeighbors discussion group. If you choose to receive only special notices, you can read all the messages by going to the group’s web site at With a free Yahoo! ID, you can log on to the group and read an archive of all messages that have been sent across the group.

What else can subscribers do, on the GriffinNeighbors discussion group? Well, with a free Yahoo! ID, subscribers can share photos, share links to other destinations on the web, share files, and poll the group subscribers.

Recently, subscribers to the GriffinNeighbors group have discussed hunting on Eld Inlet, events such as the installation of a local forest garden, criminal activity in the area, and possible locations for a new readerboard to be purchased for the Griffin School District.

So, here’s your invitation to join the GriffinNeighbors Discussion group and join in the conversation. Email with your request to join the group today.

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