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Twelve years ago, the Griffin Neighborhood Association went online with the GriffinNeighbors web site. Over the years, change came slowly to the website. Through it all, though, the underlying technology on which the original website was built was not changed. That is, until now. We are now unveiling a trimmer web site that boasts higher integration with social networking, is easy to read, and runs on a low-cost and sustainable platform.


Yep, we’re now on WordPress.

The new website retains most of the features of the old. Our home page provides the latest news from the Griffin Neighborhood Association. A new section, top left of the home page, highlights some of the big goings-on here on the Steamboat Peninsula.

The most recent posts on our Facebook Page and Twitter feed are on display. You don’t have to have a Facebook or Twitter account to read and benefit from what we’re sharing on those social networks.

It’s easy from our website to find us on Facebook, Twitter, or to get to this area’s Nextdoor network.

A new section on the home page displays upcoming events from the calendar on our Facebook Page.

The new website should display well, whether you’re viewing it on a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone.

The most recent posts from our blog are displayed on our home page, too. A couple of clicks take you to our archive of more than 500 articles, including our series on local history and local nature.

It’s easy to add your own comments to our blog, too, and like and share our posts on some of the most popular social networks.


No, the original website was not built using this kind of PC.

Our growing directory of local businesses has a clean, easy to read layout.

Pages describing the Steamboat Conservation Partnership and providing resources to help you and your close neighbors to prepare for a disaster were moved from the old site.

Some Association members may find it convenient to pay their membership dues as an annual subscription. It’s easy to set up on our Join Us page. With a subscription, annual dues are automatically charged annually to your credit card. Want to cancel your subscription? There’s a button for that, too, on our Join Us page.The Griffin Neighborhood Association is operated entirely by volunteers. This new website is easy to maintain, doesn’t require special or expensive software, and is easy to learn. That makes it pretty easy to sustain, for an organization such as ours.

Powered by South Sound IT

Powered by South Sound IT

A special thanks is due to Jim Hutchins, of South Sound IT. South Sound IT is furnishing the hosting for our new website. South Sound IT provides both onsite and remote support for everything from laptops to routers to servers to workstations, web hosting and web design. For either business or residential customers, South Sound IT will design, install, configure, support and troubleshoot networks of all kinds.

Thank you, too, for the many people who previewed the new site and checked its pages and links.

We hope you enjoy the new web site and find it useful. Like it or hate it? Think we’re missing something you need? Or maybe you’ve found something we broke, when we moved to the new site. Email the webmaster. Or leave your comment here.

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