Homeowners on Eld Inlet Have a New Online Community

Gabrielle Byrne, Community Educator for People For Puget Sound, has created a new social networking web site, called “Eld Shoreline Community“. Described as “A community network for shoreline landowners on Eld Inlet – learning about, talking about and caring for our waters,” Eld Shoreline Community (ESC) is a clever and interactive way of bringing people together to steward Eld Inlet.

It’s a way for people to recognize what they have in common: ‘we care about our marine neighborhood’,” said Gabby Byrne. “It’s also a way for us to make available resources about the Inlet and about marine related events on the Inlet.” Byrne continued:

Our “bottom line” goal is getting restoration work on the ground around the Eld shoreline. We want to improve the condition of Eld Inlet and protect it from degrading over time by helping to educate folks about what healthy shoreline is and how to get it. People who live on the shoreline are uniquely blessed and have both an opportunity to enjoy and responsibility to protect the water they live on.

We have resources, including money for labor, plantings, invasive control and, in some cases, working on alternatives to bulkheads available for parts of the shoreline that have been identified as priority areas.

It’s not necessary to create an account to view a wealth of information focused on the current state of Eld Inlet and the Puget Sound, and to access resources for shoreline residents interested in improving the health of waters near their properties. Recent posts to the site include information on South Sound Dissolved Oxygen Profiles and links to a report on sea level rise and the effects of climate changes in the South Sound.

There is also a calendar of upcoming events. Just last week, People For Puget Sound had an evening event that included storytelling, sea stars, telescopes and other delights at Frye Cove Park.

Visitors to the site who set up a free account can customize their view of the site, gain access to a messaging inbox, can upload photos and post articles to the site’s blog. The site runs on Ning and there’s a network of developers presently working on social networking apps to release to Ning sites.

Eld Shoreline Community is a welcome online resource for homeowners on both sides of Eld Inlet and for all local residents interested in improving the health of Puget Sound and our valuable shorelines.

Click here to visit Eld Shoreline Community and click here to visit the web site of People for Puget Sound.

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