Hunter’s Point Forms Scotch Broom Patrol

Homeowners in the Hunter’s Point area have formed a Scotch Broom Patrol, to assist in the control of that pernicious weed. It sounds like a good model, for other areas of the peninsula. In the past, we’ve written here about various scotch broom eradication methods and why it’s important to keep that prodigious seed producer under control. If you live in the Hunter’s Point area, here’s your invitation to join their Scotch Broom Patrol. And, if you don’t live in that area, here’s part of a blueprint you can use to mobilize your own neighbors.

Sunday, February 28th beginning at 11AM a group of folks are meeting at the North East end of Hunter Point Road (the Hunter Point Road dead end). Our objective is to remove all the Scotch Broom from the County right of way along both sides of the Hunter Point Road. Those who have Scotch Broom or other noxious weeds on their property can solicit our group to help them remove it. However, the right of way comes first.

This is the best time to start this project as the ground is soft and makes it easier to pull the smaller plants. We do have one weed wrench for the larger ones. However, you will need to bring your own shovel and gloves. Black plastic bags will be provided to collect these weeds.

We will also be removing other noxious non-native, invasive weeds, Scotch Broom; (cystisus scoparius) is the main thrust at this time. Please come and learn more about this and other noxious weeds and how they impact our quality of life out here on our very delicate and fragile peninsula.

Hope to see you!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010
11am at the Top of Hunter Point Rd NW

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