Learn How You Can Save Thousands in the Installation of Solar Equipment

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Homeowners who choose to install solar equipment on their homes will save many thousands of dollars, this year. Electrical production incentives and net metering will return benefits for years to come. Plus, homeowners will see an immediate return in the form of increased value of the home.

Learn more at this informative, no obligation meeting:
Monday, June 18
7 PM
Griffin Fire Department Headquarters

Are you interested, but cannot attend Monday’s meeting? Find instructions at the bottom of this article about how to register online.

Current State and Federal incentives go a long way to make solar affordable.

  • Washington State sales tax exemption
  • 30% Federal tax credit
  • Washington state production incentive
  • Net metering

Click here to read our prior article, which outlines these financial incentives.

Through a program called “Solarize Thurston“, homeowners in the Steamboat area enjoy additional benefits. Among these are group pricing, a free comprehensive site assessment, access to low interest loans, and clear, upfront pricing from a local recognized solar equipment installer. Because of advance work already being completed by organizers of this project, homeowners will not only save money but also many months of research and planning.

Your local “Solarize Thurston” team has reviewed the responses received from solar installers to the Solarize Thurston RFP. We have chosen an installer for homeowners in our area and over in the Cooper Point neighborhood. We’re really excited about what we have to show to our neighbors interested in installing solar on their homes.

This local, highly-praised installer will be offering a range of solar panels (modules) and inverters suitable for a variety of applications and in a range of price points. Incredibly, this installer will be offering installations as low as about $4 per watt. On the top end of the price range we will be offering a super, Washington-built module and inverter package from Silicon Energy. This package provides homeowners with the best financial incentives, including a production incentive paid by PSE of $0.54 per kWH, to a maximum of $5000 per year, through June 2020.

For more details about all the incentives, please see the piece we published back in April online at http://bit.ly/solarizesteamboat

Plus, our installer is offering great purchase terms. And there’s some great financing being made available just for this program through a local credit union.

Homeowners will learn they can get back nearly half the cost of their solar installation in the first year of operation. How can that be? In this current tax year, there’s a 30% tax credit. That’s a tax credit, not a tax deduction. A tax credit lowers your tax bill dollar for dollar. Then there’s the net metering and that production incentive. Did we forget to mention no state sales tax on the equipment?

How’s this all work? We’ll ask interested homeowners to “register” into the program. There’s no obligation incurred, for registering; there are only benefits to be gained. First and foremost, registration gets a free, comprehensive site assessment (these normally can cost nearly $100) by our installer. This will provide the homeowner with data regarding placement and design decisions that would need to be made to move forward. Again, there’s no obligation to buy at thing. Still interested? The homeowner and installer design a custom equipment and installation package and negotiate a price. And we’ve set a great starting point for price negotiations. The homeowner can then choose to sign a contract and, if the contract is signed, the installation moves forward.

Homeowners participating in this project could easily have solar installed before the summer ends.

Join us Monday evening, June 18, to learn more. In the meantime, go online at http://solarizethurston.org/ for more information.

Would you like to register for this opportunity, but cannot make it to Monday night’s meeting? Click this link and identify yourself as being in the “Westside Group” (in the blank for “Community Group or Neighborhood Name”). Remember, there’s no obligation for registration, but you cannot receive a no-cost, comprehensive site assessment without registering.

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