Learn More About The “Local Solutions to Global Warming” Bill

It’s been mentioned on this blog that there is a strong connection between growth management – the direct actions of our County government – and global climate change. Driving is the largest source of global warming pollution in Washington State, and irresponsible development dramatically increases driving. Achieving smart growth goals and reducing sprawl development is absolutely essential to reducing carbon dioxide pollution. Here in the Griffin area, we know we’re right in the crosshairs of development which, if not undertaken in a well-considered manner, will not only increase carbon emissions, it will threaten our property values, the availability and health of our drinking water supplies, and significantly reduce our quality of life.

According to Fuse, a progressive network, “Now we hear that a critical bill to combat global warming is stalled in the Legislature, and we have just six days to get it moving or it’s dead for the year. The Local Solutions to Global Warming bill tackles the global warming pollution created by irresponsible development and traffic. This bill will fight global warming by protecting farm and forest land, encouraging energy efficient building and promoting livable, family friendly communities.”

But, don’t take Fuse’s word for it. You can read about this bill, yourself, here.

I found especially notable is the statement against the bill, in the Senate Report of the Bill, which begins:

“This bill wrongly assumes climate change is human caused and human influenced while there is no scientific conclusion to support this theory.”

Personally, I am growing weary of a debate framed in such terms. While there may be room to disagree on the degree to which the environment is able to absorb the deleterious impact of human activities, it is rational to seek to reduce traffic on our roads, to identify and develop within urban growth boundaries and to reject arguments that affordable housing can only be built if we develop further and further from urban centers.

To learn more about this bill and another, Senate Bill 6516, and to send a letter to Senator Sheldon, click here to visit Fuse.

–Mark Messinger

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