Local Resident Mark Genich Collects Insects for the Slater Museum of Natural History

Detail from the cover of Insects of the Pacific Northwest

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the annual picnic sponsored by the Griffin Neighborhood Association is the opportunity to meet neighbors from this area for the first time. Among those local residents who visited Frye Cove at this year’s picnic was Mark Genich and Lynne Ferguson. Recently retired as a physician, Dr. Genich has undertaken an interesting project with which any of us could lend a hand.

Dr. Genich is collecting samples of insects in our area for the Slater Museum of Natural History at the University of Puget Sound with the help of the emeritus professor, Dr. Dennis Paulson. The collection will be used as a teaching tool for the students at the university. Although he retired as a family practice physician and worked in the urgent care department of Group Health Cooperative, “I got my start toward a career in medicine because I got interested in insects as vectors of disease to people and animals,” Dr. Genich explains.

As our late summer turns into fall, you may yet have an opportunity to add an important insect or two to the collection. If you capture an unusual looking insect, Dr. Genich is happy to personally pick up anything anyone finds. “The best way to hold any specimens is to catch them in a jar if possible and then put them into a freezer so they won’t dry out and become brittle.”

If you capture and freeze an insect for the collection, please contact Dr. Mark Genich by phone at 866-0844.


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