Local Residents Call on Commissioners to End Hunting on Eld Inlet

The end of duck hunting season in late January brought a new controversy to the table for residents both inside and out of the Griffin area. Many fueled by this event have taken a stand in the form of a petition and a plea to the County Commissioners to end hunting in Eld Inlet and on its surrounding land due to population density and the concern for safety and quality of life.

Click here to read an article which ran in The Olympian on May 10. Click here to read the May 12th clarification The Olympian ran, regarding that article.

Paul Taylor, of Taylor Shellfish, ran an article in the May 30th issue of The Olympian. Click here to read that one.

Click here to read a letter to editor, published May 21st, from local resident Warren Arnold.

Local residents calling upon the County Commissioners to end hunting on Eld Inlet have already circulated a petition, by hand, and many signatures were collected. An online version of the petition is now available. The petition reads, simply:

To: Thurston County Commissioners

The signatures contained herein petition for the Thurston County Code, chapter 10.04-Discharge of Firearms: “except for self-defense or slaughter of domestic animals or target shooting” to extend to include the area of the entire body of water named Eld Inlet and the land surrounding Eld Inlet in Olympia, Wa., Thurston County.

Click here to add your name to the online petition.

Where do you stand on hunting on Eld Inlet? Have you signed either the hand-circulated or online petition? Click on the link below to leave your comments.

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  1. There’s a discussion, over on http://hunting-washington.com/smf/index.php/topic,22534.0.html about this petition. One of the writers there say that GNA “hates” Taylor. That’s plain crazy. I think some individuals around here didn’t understand why Taylor Shellfish threatened to actually sue the State, after the settlement with Sutherland was turned over. But, I’ve been on the Board of the GNA for years and I can say that the organization esteems the Taylor family (they’re our neighbors, after all) and respects the position of Taylor Shellfish in our community.

    To my mind, the question of hunting on Eld Inlet has absolutely nothing to do with whether hunters launch their boats from the Taylor’s place. Hunters have lots of access to Eld Inlet.

  2. Thurston County Manager Don Krupp has told a Griffin area resident that any hunter can petition to keep hunting open on Eld Inlet, but that only shoreline residents can petition to end hunting.

    It seems as though the County has forgotten on what side its bread is buttered, when tax-paying homeowners don’t get a say over what happens off their shorelines, over anyone who can drive down here and put their boat in the water.

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