Local Residents Working to Install a Little Free Library

Little Free Libraries come in lots of shapes and sizes.

What is a “Little Free Library”? In some parts of the world, it’s a movement to promote literacy and the love of reading. In practical terms, though, it’s a box, sheltered from the weather but open to the public, from which people can take or leave books. Free books. Folks are welcome to come anytime and peruse the books in the Little Free Library. They can take a book, they can leave a book.

Here on the Steamboat Peninsula, a few local residents have approached the Griffin Fire Department with a request to allow a Little Free Library to be placed at the Fire Department’s Headquarters. We hope to learn soon that the Fire Commissioners have approved a location. What we need now is the library itself. And some books to seed the library.

Organizers of this Little Free Library are seeking financial donations from our community to purchase the library box and the materials to mount it at the Fire Department HQ. Libraries of several different sizes are available and the size purchased for us would depend upon the amount of the contributions received. Contributions can be made online with a secure transaction through PayPal, using your credit card. Local resident Missy Watts is taking these donations to purchase the library box, since this is not a project of the Griffin Neighborhood Association. These are not tax-deductible donations (there is no officially-recognized non-profit organization set up for our local Little Free Library). Plus donations are subject to normal PayPal fees of 2.9% + 30ยข (for example, if you contribute $10, the Little Free Library will receive $9.41).

Once the library box is purchased, the fun part begins. What books would you like to recommend for the Little Free Library? Click here to leave your comments.
Are you interested in supporting installing a Little Free Library in our community, either by making a donation to purchase the box and the materials to mount it, or by donating a book or two?

Click here to learn more about the Little Free Library movement.

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  1. Thank you, Shelly, for your thoughts. The organizers of this effort have already spoken with a few local contractors. They believe it’s better to buy the box, than build it. The boxes that can be purchased are very thoughtfully designed and apparently priced right, when compared to build-it-yourself. Because of these and other reasons, the organizers are currently soliciting cash to purchase the box and to cover the cost of materials to mount the box. Once the funds are secured, the next phase – acquiring some books – will commence. Please send your email address to me at webmaster@griffinneighbors.org, so that I might pass that to the organizers of this project. They know better than I what they will need in the way of books and how they will maintain the library, once it’s installed. Thanks so much for your interest in this project.

  2. I love this idea! I have been following the Little Free Library Movement for a few years now and this neighborhood is the perfect choice for one (or several?). I work for Timberland Regional Library in Shelton and I am happy to assist in any way from design to supplying books to maintenance (with others, of course.) Also, with so many construction workers in the area, donation of materials may be easier than asking for money. I know that our household can certainly donate paint, wood, etc. that can be easily used for this project. Just a thought.

  3. One of the joys of my rural childhood outside Coalfield, WA was the ‘bookmobile’ that came to a turnout on our road each week. I loved being able to walk down by myself and get 3 new books each time.

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