Neighborhood Comes Together to Benefit Local Food Bank

Residents in the Griffin area came together to organize a food drive which collected a truckload of food and nearly $600 in cash contributions the day before Easter to benefit the Thurston County Food Bank. Thank you for the many neighbors who made contributions at the drop-off in front of the Island Market.

The drop-off was staffed from 11 AM to 5 PM. Thank you, Steve Lundin, Paul Meury, Peter Savin, Gail Sheikhizadeh, Sharon Parker, and Sharon’s friend from Montana (whose name will almost certainly be mis-spelled here), Neivis.

Steve Lundin, who is a local author, provided signed copies of his book, Griffin Area Schools, for those who contributed $25 or more.

We want also to acknowledge the support of local businesses and organizations, who helped to get out the word: The Griffin Fire Department, Prosperity Grange, and Steamboat Animal Hospital, who posted notices on their reader boards, and Steamboat Island Coffee.

Thanks are due to the Island Market, too, who allowed us to stage the drop-off there.

We want to thank local resident and owner of Yellow Bear Journeys, Dale Stubbart, for contacting us regarding the idea of holding a food drive.

Special thanks to thank Mary Skelton, who did so much to organize and promote the event. Mary designed the event’s logo and flyer, then made copies of the flyer and distributed them. With Paul, she set up the drop-off, including boxes and signage, and then staffed the drop-off over at least two shifts. Mary’s efforts are responsible for the success of the food drive at the Island Market.

Boxes of food collected for
the Food Bank fill pickup truck

Several other individuals and organizations held food drives at grocery stores across north Thurston County on the same day. We are awaiting results of the final combined amount of food and cash collected. As soon as those numbers are available, we’ll post them here.

It was a real pleasure to see such a terrific turnout for this weekend’s food drive.

It should not surprise any that hunger is a local issue. Right here on the Steamboat peninsula, we are fortunate to have a distribution and collection point for the Food Bank, at St. Christopher’s Community Church. Residents who have donations to make, but who missed this Saturday’s food drive, are invited to contact the church at 866-2111 for a time when the staff at St. Christopher’s can accept your donations.

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