Numbers Your Cell Phone Can’t Live Without

Here are some ideas as to numbers everyone’s cell phone ought to have.

Emergency – 911

Griffin Fire Department – (360) 866-9000 (this is a non-emergency phone number)

Thurston County Sheriff – (360) 786-5500 (this is a non-emergency phone number)

Capital Hospital – (360) 754-5858 (this is a non-emergency phone number)

Puget Sound Energy – (888) 225-5773 (available 24 hours a day)

Poison Control – (800) 222-1222

Animal Control – (360) 352-2510

Thurston County Roads (For dead deer pick-up) – (360) 786-5495

Your next door neighbors.

If you use propane, your propane provider.

Your doctor and child’s pediatrician.

A local tow truck company. Bayside Towing (360-455-1314), Summit Towing (360-754-8858‎) and Howard’s Towing (360-943-6644) are suggestions.

Your auto insurance carrier

Steamboat Annie’s at (360) 866-2274, for a quick bite to eat, and Character’s Corner (360) 866-9904 to find out if the oysters are fresh, tonight.

What are your must-have cell phone numbers? Click “Comments” below and add your suggestions.

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