Peninsula People Business Directory Now Available as Part of the New Resident “Welcome Basket”

GNA Board member and longtime local resident Velma Rogers has completed the Peninsula People Business Directory. The Directory is part of the GNA’s new “Welcome Basket,” now available to residents new to the area. The Directory includes contact information for businesses on or around the Steamboat Island Peninsula. Click here for your copy of the Peninsula People Business Directory.

Why create a Welcome Basket? Those in attendance at our Annual Meeting, earlier this year, heard it best from Jerry Handfield, outgoing President of the GNA, who said, simply, “Because we care.” In addition to the Peninsula People Business Directory, the Welcome Basket contains samples, flyers and business cards from local businesses. It also contains materials from the County and elsewhere to help homeowners to become more informed users and conservers of local water and other natural resources.

The Welcome Basket and its Peninsula People Business Directory is an important part of the commitment of the Griffin Neighborhood Association to the life and resources we share on and around the Steamboat Island Peninsula.

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