Photos of Orcas in Eld Inlet

From local resident Kim Merriman, we received a set of photos of orcas in Eld Inlet, just this morning. Ms. Merriman writes,

This is the fifth morning the orcas have come into the Budd/Eld inlets. They came right before sunrise this morning, went down Eld to Sanderson Cove, and then headed back out toward Harstene Island. It was a gorgeous, magical sight – even though most of the photographs I took were out of focus because it was too dark. But the sound! It was amazing . . . no one on the water except a few shore birds, a few scared seals, and a handful of our neighbors watching with astonishment.

What magnificent creatures these are.

How blessed we feel to have them visit.

All images © Kim Merriman.

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