Progressive Campaign Calls for Thoughful Property Tax Reform

Fuse, an organization based in Seattle and working for progressive issues, is calling Washingtonians to “Say No to Tim Eyman’s Tax Plan.”

Chris McCullough, Political Director of Fuse, writes in a recent email that “Reenacting I-747 would be a terrible mistake. I-747’s 1% blanket cap preserves the worst inequities of our current property tax system while slowly bleeding local governments of their ability to provide essential services.”

Send a Message to the State Legislature: We Want Real Property Tax Reform, Not a Tim Eyman Stunt

McCullough’s email continues:

The Legislature has a real opportunity to enact thoughtful, fair property tax reform in our state. We can reduce the tax burden on those who can least afford it while ensuring local governments can pay for schools, roads, police, and fire protection.

Please sign our petition today – we have to send the Legislature a powerful message demanding real property tax reform in Washington State, not a Tim Eyman stunt.

Our property tax system is broken. I-747’s 1% cap is lower than the rate of inflation, which means local governments can collect fewer dollars in real terms every year. At the same time, seniors and low-income people are being taxed out of their homes as property values rise.

There are better options. One proposal from the Washington State Budget & Policy Center is a property tax “circuit breaker”, which would offer tax credits to lower and moderate income homeowners who are paying more than a certain threshold of income in property taxes. Eighteen states have successfully enacted similar proposals.

There are other potential solutions as well, but the Legislature is focused on Tim Eyman’s approach, and won’t seriously consider anything else without a powerful message from their constituents. Sign our petition today, and let them know that you demand thoughtful property tax reform.

The Legislature should not reenact a thoughtless law for the sake of political expediency. We can do better than Tim Eyman’s vision of the future . Please sign our petition asking them to do the job we elected them to do — enact thoughtful property tax reform.

Thank you,

Chris McCullough, Fuse

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