Sheriff’s Cold Weather Tips

From the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office, we received today these Cold Weather Tips:

The Sheriff’s Office wishes everyone a very Happy Holiday Season. In recent days we have reached record low temperatures. I would like to provide a few safety tips for this cold weather season.

  • Dress in layered clothing and wear some sort of head gear/covering.
  • Check space heaters for sufficient ventilation and wire condition.
  • Do not use charcoal or gas grills indoors.
  • Check on your neighbors – especially the elderly.
  • Keep pets inside.
  • Never use an electric generator indoors, inside the garage, or near the air intake of your home because of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Insulate any water lines that run along outer walls.
  • Prepare your home and car for cold weather.
  • Have a week’s worth of food and safety supplies.
  • Keep a water supply.
  • Parents: With the cold temperatures many ponds and lakes are beginning to freeze. While children may feel that it makes for a great place to play, it’s actually very dangerous. Please keep your children safe and do not allow them to play on frozen ponds or lakes.

Contact info: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office at (360) 786-5500.

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