Sheriff’s Department Releases Community Alert

Local residents recently noted an increase in the numbers of daylight burglaries being reported in our area. A burglary on Oyster Bay Road precipitated a brief email exchange, during which one neighbor wrote that someone had seen “a bearded man walking the road about that time of day of the burglary. Perhaps this perp is walking or bicycling into these breakins and that is why none of us see or hear anything suspicious.” Indeed, a quick review of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Department crime mapping system seems to indicate that was an increase, in September, in the number of reported burglaries in our area.

Now we have received the Community Alert below. Although the alert is specific to the Delphi area, and not ours, it is possible the same thieves are in our area. In any case, it does seem as though there’s been an increase in burglaries – particularly burglaries during the day time – and it makes sense for forlks who are at home weekdays to keep an eye on the homes of those neighbors who are not.


Date: October 13, 2011 

Neighborhood/Area: Delphi area 

Nature of alert: Increase in burglary activity 

Details: Since mid September 2011, there were five burglaries between the 7400 block and 10,500 of Delphi Road SW. Additionally, crime mapping appeared to be showing an increasing trend in burglaries and thefts in the NW portion of the county. 

Two vehicles in the area of these burglaries were noted in one or more of the reports. They included a 1990’s greenish / bluish 2 door and a white Ford Ranger or F-150 type pick up– possibly with a rack and or canopy. Additionally, a resident on Delphi Road reported seeing a white 1996 GMC PU in the area during the dates / times of the burglaries. This truck also had tool type racks on it. 

While none of these vehicles can be tied directly to the increased activity in the area, residents should be aware of them if they see them in areas where they don’t belong. Residents are encouraged to contact the dispatch center at (360) 704-2740 to report suspicious persons / vehicles. Anyone with information related to the burglaries are asked to contact the TCSO Investigative Services Division at (360) 786-5530.

Burglaries Reported in September and
October (to-date)
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