Sign Up to Get Your HomePrint Before the End of the Year!

This January 26th, the Griffin Neighborhood Association will feature, at its Annual Meeting, a presentation by Thurston Energy. One of the ways Thurston Energy can help homeowners is by offering a comprehensive home energy assessment. For customers of Puget Sound Energy, the cost of this assessment is largely paid-for by PSE. From Thurston Energy, we recently received this notice:

Have you been thinking about getting a home energy assessment? Not sure if now is the right time? Well, if you haven’t done so already, now is the time to sign up for a PSE-certified HomePrint™. PSE’s HomePrint™ program will be going through some changes in the future, and Thurston Energy’s offer for the $95 HomePrint is good only until December 28, 2010.

For a limited time only, $95* will get you a PSE certified HomePrint™ Energy Evaluation through Thurston Energy. You will receive:

  • A half-day visit by a trained, certified energy expert to evaluate your home’s current energy performance.
  • A confidential analysis of your gas and electric bills to identify potential areas of savings.
  • Installation of FREE compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Offer of up to 2 high-efficiency showerheads.
  • High-tech diagnostics like a blower door test and infrared photos to identify air leaks and heat loss.
  • Comprehensive and prioritized plan of cost-effective energy-saving improvements that would cut electricity usage and increase your home’s ability to retain warmth in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Do-it-yourself tips on how to reduce energy costs immediately.

So be sure to download PSE’s fillable PDF form and get it back to them ASAP to get yourself on the list (you can fill out our online form here). Please get your paperwork in December 28, 2010 to receive the $95 price!
*For qualified customers only: PSE customers in Thurston County that use PSE natural gas or electricity as their primary source of heat.
To clarify, you must put your application in, by December 28th. However, you can schedule the assessment to take place in January, after the holidays.
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