South Sound Stewardship Training

What is a Sound Steward?

Sound Stewards are trained citizen volunteers committed to restoring, maintaining and monitoring Puget Sound habitat.

Become a Sound Steward

Join the restoration community and be part of the solution! You will have a great time working with other Stewards to bring back our ailing Sound. Activities include planting, invasive plant control, monitoring and other restoration tasks. You can watch the change your efforts make.

Training is free and open to the community. In return, Sound Stewards commit to 40 volunteer hours over the next year on restoration sites initiated by People for Puget Sound and their partners. Participants must attend all classes!

Tuesday, March 6

6:30pm-9pm, Lacey Community Center

Thursday, March 8

6:30pm-9pm, Lacey Community Center

Saturday, March 10

10am-3pm, Field Trip

Training includes
• Program overview
• Ecosystem overview
• Restoration ecology
• Plant identification
• Invasive species control
• Maintenance and monitoring

For questions, registration and directions, contact Dan Grosboll at (360) 754-9177 or

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