Spend the Time to Learn About I-933

The “No on 933” campaign has assembled a web site that is well worth visiting, particularly if you are still on the fence regarding Initiative 933. It is located here.

I want to particularly take the opportunity to point out some of the points I believe are especially important to understand.

As a member of the GNA, I was particularly concerned about some of the points made by the No on 933 campaign’s page entitled “It’s Bad for Neighborhoods.”

  • I-933 Will Increase Taxes and Cut Community Services
  • I-933 Threatens Property Rights
  • Say Goodbye to Neighborhood Zoning – “The result will be ‘open season’ on neighborhoods across the state.”
  • Say Hello to more Sprawl and Congestion
  • I-933 Is Downright Un-Neighborly – “I-933 does NOT require any notice to neighbors before the regulations are waived.”
  • I-933 changes no “eminent domain” laws

I made a point also to read the page entitled “Debunking the Backers.”

Well worth also mentioning is this site, which assembled a series called “This Land: The Northwest Property Rights Movement“.

Initiative-watchers are pointing out that this initiative is similar to initiatives currently trying to gather steam in Idaho and Montana. Also similar is the rhetoric being employed: All make a big deal about the abuses of eminent domain. However, none of them do a single thing to address eminent domain. And all three measures use the same bait-and-switch tactic to mislead to voters. For those of you who may be curious about one of the prime movers in the multi-state effort which spawned I-933, this page will give you a great deal chew on.

If you’re as concerned as I am about the possible impacts of this ill-conceived initiative, please help focus the attention of your neighbors, friends and community groups on I-933. This stuff is complicated and the proponents are counting on our being unwilling to spend event the slightest amount of time to become informed voters. It happened in Oregon; let’s not let in happen in Washington, too.

UPDATE: Read the June 23rd article in The Olympian entitled “Land-use initiative attracts protest“.

Read the prior post about I-933, which was posted on this blog, here.

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