St. Christopher’s Provides Assistance to Local Families in Need

Area residents may be surprised to find out that St. Christopher’s Community Church provides a satellite for the Thurston County Food Bank. Presently, St. Christopher’s is supporting 14 local families. These are families in need, right here in our neighborhood.

The coordinator for St. Christopher’s efforts, Lindy Vincent, picks-up and delivers food from the Food Bank and also helps families with other necessities. This includes providing vouchers to purchase gas, so family members can get to work or to a job interview. St. Christopher’s provides assistance with clothing, furniture, moving families to new housing, and much more.

Summer is when donations are down and kids are home all day with no access to free or reduced-cost school lunches. Food donations are particularly welcome, right now.

Donations may be conveniently dropped at the main station of the Griffin Fire Department at 3707 Steamboat Loop NW.

Home gardeners with plentiful crops, please consider donating your excess to our local families. Fresh produce delivered directly to St. Christopher’s on Wednesdays, in particular, can be distributed to families on Thursdays. Please contact Lindy Vincent directly, at 866-6781, if you have fresh vegetables or other perishables to donate.

Local families in need can always use toilet paper, paper towels, laundry soap, shampoo, bar soap and dish soap too!

Coats, particularly as cold weather approaches, are welcome.

Donations of cash are used for gasoline and other purchases.

Right now, Lindy is looking for pots and pans, for a family receiving services.

If you can help, especially on a regular basis, please give Lindy a call at 866-6781.

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