Taylor Shellfish May Pay Hefty Penalty for Local Geoduck Harvesting

The Olympian is reporting today that “The state might seek more than $1.3 million in damages from Taylor Shellfish Co. for geoducks the company raised and harvested on state lands in Totten Inlet the past three years without a lease.”

This is the latest turn of events for an issue that’s been brewing for a good portion of this year. Click here to read an editorial the Olympian ran, back in July, entitled “Fines warranted if shellfish were farmed illegally” and click here for the Olympian news article “Taylor Shellfish speaks out after tidelands survey.”

An interested party is the Coalition to Protect Puget Sound Habitat. A representative of that group has filed a lease application, for the same area in Totten Inlet, to protect habitat from seeding for geoduck.

For those of you interested in reading material which questions the environmental impacts of commercial geoduck harvesting, the Protect Our Shoreline site is a good place to start.

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