Thurston County Democrats Post Applications for County Commissioner

The Thurston County Democrats have posted the applications and, in some cases, cover letters, from 10 individuals who have applied to replace Bob Macleod as County Commissioner, District 3. Click here to read those, if you’re inclined to do so.

The short list is now comprised of:

Corinne Tobeck
Ed Crawford
Erik Landass
Gayle Broadbent
Jack Turner
Jacqueline Brown Miller
Karen Valenzuela
Mary Moore
Richard Emde
Russ Lehman
Sharron Coontz
Susan Bogni
Walt Jorgensen

A piece we wrote previously, about Bob Macleod’s resignation, describes the process the Thurston County Democrats will follow, in order to send a list of at least 3 candidates to the Board of Commissioners.

UPDATED: Click here for the Olympian’s coverage of this list, which raises the number of candidates to 13).

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