Thurston County Sheriff’s Office Quarterly News

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office recently released a quarterly newsletter, dated March 2010. It’s not yet on their web site, but we have a copy for you here.

Here are some highlights:

Sheriff Kimbal writes, “Recently, on a national television news broadcast, it was mentioned that approximately 63% of law enforcement agencies across the country are shrinking in size due to the budgetary reductions. . . It is because of this unfortunate fact that I wanted to take a moment and ask each of us to stay focused on what we can control, and that is in the area of prevention.”

Recognition of Deputy Dave Claridge, a “Champion for Kids”

A report on the Thurston County Sheriff ’s Office Gang Enforcement Project.

A description of the Sheriff’s graffiti abatement program, “ERASE IT! Record. Report. Remove.”

Graffiti can hurt your neighborhood in many ways. According to the National Association of Realtors, graffiti can cause a loss of 15% in a homes value. When graffiti is present and not removed, it invites more serious crimes to the area because it appears to be tolerated.

First Quarter Awards Ceremony 2010.

The story of Zachary Guill, the son of Thurston County Corrections Deputy Skip Guill. Zachary was wounded in Iraq and has now become a participant in the Federal government’s “Wounded Warrior Program”

This is a program put together by the House of Representatives that allows wounded soldiers with 30% or more disability to work for congress helping veterans and handling military issues. This program allows veterans of the 8th Congressional District to relate with the person helping them and feel more at ease.

Click here to download your copy of the Quarterly News.

The newsletter is distributed by Community Outreach Deputy J. Snaza. Deputy Snaza can be reached at 360-786-5855 and

See the Thurston County Sheriff’s Department web site at

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