Thurston County Sheriff’s Office Quarterly Newsletter

We received today a copy of the Sheriff Department’s Quarterly Newsletter. We cannot yet find it, on their web site, but you can click here and retrieve your own copy.

Sheriff Dan Kimball has taken heat, recently, over proposed cuts in the Department’s budget (click here and here for more information). While the County’s budget issues cast a shadow over activities in all departments of the County government, there is other news to report, in the Newsletter.

Chief Jim Chamberlain wrote an article describing the Sheriff’s Office Registered Sex Offender Program and Stanley Phillips penned a piece regarding the Crime Victim Advocacy Network. This is a consortium of trained advocates providing free and confidential services to victims of crimes in Thurston, Mason, Lewis, Grays Harbor, and Pacific Counties.

Visit the Sheriff’s Department web site at for information on a variety of local public safety issues.

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