Join Us! Benefits of Membership in the Griffin Neighborhood Association

  • As a member, you are helping to support ongoing communications which keep all of us informed of critical issues in the area where we live.
  • You will have a voice in the issues facing this community and voting privileges within the Association.
  • You will support the association's advocacy efforts to address the crucial issues in our community.
  • You help us to sponsor local social events.
  • Your support helps us to produce the Griffin Business Directory.
  • Only Association members can use our Weed Wrench.

Become a Member

If you own property, a business, or reside in the Griffin area, you are eligible to become a member of the Griffin Neighborhood Association.

Annual dues are $10 for an individual or for seniors age 65 and up, and $20 for a household or business membership. We accept dues donations of any amount.

The Griffin Neighborhood Association is registered with the State of Washington as a non-profit organization. However, the GNA is not a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and dues and donations to the Association are not tax-deductible.

arrow-downFollow the two steps below to join the Griffin Neighborhood Association.

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Step 1

Choose a membership form.

Either complete the online form on this page or download and complete a paper form to mail to us.

Online Membership Form

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    arrow-downAfter you send your online membership form, proceed to Step 2 to pay your dues.

    You can choose to pay your dues one time or you can choose to set up an annual subscription that will automatically pay your dues every year at about the same time.

    Paper Enrollment Form

    Don't want to complete our online membership form? Click here to download a paper membership form.

    Complete the paper form and mail it with your annual dues (either check or money order payable to "Griffin Neighborhood Association") to

    Annual Membership
    Griffin Neighborhood Association
    6341 - 41st Ave NW
    Olympia, WA 98502

    Step 2
    STEP 2

    Pay your annual membership dues using a credit card and a secure, online transaction.

    You may choose to pay only one year at a time or set up an automatic annual subscription.

    TO PAY ONLINE, ONE TIME - we can accept payments either using Venmo or PayPal.

    To pay using Venmo with no fees, click the Venmo logo and then send us either $10 for an Individual membership or $20 for Household/Business membership.

    To pay using PayPal, click the correct "Donate" button below to begin your secure online payment transaction. PayPal transactions require a fee.

    $10.00 Dues + 87¢ online transaction fee

    $20.00 Dues + $1.23 online transaction fee

    Senior/Senior Household (65+)
    $10.00 Dues + 87¢ online transaction fee

    We accept contributions of any amount.
    Name your contribution amount.

    TO PAY AUTOMATICALLY, EACH YEAR - Select a dues level and click the "Subscribe" button:

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